i really wanted you lyrics – pansy division

i heard you’re getting married
it seemed inevitable to me
cause i was with you the night you met her
she had you hooked instantly
at the very first i thought it wouldn’t last very long
pretty soon i realized my estimate was wrong
well i guess it’s kinda late now
to say what you already knew
i really wanted you
i know it’s a jealous reaction
but after all that time we spent
she just picked you up and carried you off
i couldn’t follow where you went
i’m well aware that certain things just cannot be
but don’t deny that there were other possibilities
on the hottest night of the summer
on a sticky, steamy street
i was glowing like the sunset
i knew how happy we could really be
your suntanned body stretched out
on the carpet in front of me
i know as long as i live
i’ll never loose that memory
well i guess i shouldn’t say no more
you can do what you wanna do
i just have to say
i really wanted you

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