i met this little girlie lyrics – esham

“i wouldn’t lie to ya, i want you to get ready to on
’cause i got some more nasty *ss sh*t to talk tonight”
i met this little girlie, she said her name was shirley
went to her house, pulled down her pants her p*ssy hairs was curly
she asked me was i nervous, i said you must deserve this
’cause this d*ck in my pants is all yours and it’s at your service
she rubbed on my p*n*s, i mean you should have seen this
’cause then she put my d*ck in her mouth and sucked it like a genius
my legs started shakin’, my back started achin’
the way she rolled my d*ck i thought my d*ck was breakin’
i flipped her over and f*cked her like rover
but just before i bust my nut her man pulls up in a nova
i caught my nut, you know what’s up, so now i gotta go
her man came in the front door and i’m out the back window
i met this little girlie
not like your man i’m just a freak
i met this other skeeza, her name was lisa
the girl’s p*ssy piping hot just like pizza
i f*cked her in my automobile, the b*tch was really sick
’cause after i bust my nut she started lickin’ on my d*ck
she started playin’ with her cl*t and started lickin’ on her fingers
she stuck my b*lls in her mouth start hummin’ like a singer
then she jumped on my d*ck, rode it like a roller coaster
actin’ like a tramp, but i guess she’s supposed ta
i dropped her off at home and kept her panties for some proof
i didn’t kiss the ho ’cause she had d*ck hairs on her tooth
i said
i met somebody moma, she pinched me on her booty
she looked at me said chickadee, d*mn a young cutie
i’m thinkin’ to myself this ho must be too hot to handle
the next thing i know, i’m at her house drinkin’ jack daniels
she put her hands in my hair told me to close my eyes
and when i opened ’em i was neckin’ up in them creamy thighs
well after i bust my nut i said i’m sorry i gotta go
she dropped to her knees and said please stay please
d*mn it’s a hit and run ho
well this concludes my story, so i’ll see you next time
when esham’s on the mic, funky fresh with a s*x rhyme
i met this little girlie
i met somebody’s moma
i met this little girlie
only in the day in the life of me
i met this little girlie
can you believe all this sh*t happened in the same day?
i met this little girlie
nah, f*ck it, break that sh*t down
ok baby, come here, i’m gonna do you
i’m gonna do you how you wanna be done baby
first lemme get my condom back open
all right baby

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