i love you mike lyrics – delia erin

spoken: hey mike whats up?
this is a song for you, because i love you…

lets go f*ck the sh*t
outta eachother
i really wanna go down on you!
we have been throught so much together!
i really wanna
f*ck the sh*t outta you!
f*ck, f*ck,f*ck
lets go f*ck
until we have had way to much
f*ck,f*ck, f*ck, lets go f*ck
until we have had enough to last us forever….
your ‘rents aren’t home
thats a good sign
did you remeber to bring protection?
well, it don’t really matter
i wanna have a baby with you
because, we’ll always be together

so what if my brother hates you
so what if my dad don’t like you
who cares if my mom is weary
i love you anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey hey hey hey
chorus (repeat until fade)

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