i know where the summer goes lyrics – belle & sebastian

i know where the summer goes
when you’re having no fun when you’re under the thumb
i know how the summer dwells
when your underarm smells and your kitchen looks like h*ll

i know where the summer goes
if you’re scr*ping a pot and your head is hot
put your head down, put your thumbs up, girl
with the smell of hot desk and the glitter of your step

he was right, he was right
he’s the guru of the city
no one told the city councilors

i know, you can tell me again
i’ve got my mobile phone, it’s full of silicon chips
no one likes a smart *rs*
but i’ve seen a pattern emerge, i will race you up the hill

where the boy who made records
out of postcard messages
and flowering cherries rain on kids like you

look twice at the kid with the crimped
and overheated hair, they ran a book on his looks
odds on was the n*ble pose
and the denim hard riff of the irish troubadour

but the boy came from nowhere
to steal the hearts
from l*ssies in the lavies of the club tonight

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