i hurt for you lyrics – deborah allen

i hurt for you

(deborah allen – rafe vanhoy)

you know it kills me to see you crying
to think of all your love she’s been denying
and i can’t blame you for feeling cheated
being so in love and so unneeded
but the reason you keep trying is a feeling that i know

i hurt for you every time she breaks your heart
baby i hurt for you and it’s tearing me apart
to care the way i do maybe i’m a fool
i watch you long for her and i hurt for you

so love won’t work out the way you plan it
only too well i understand it
and i’ll be right here to console you
that’s the only chance i’ll have to hold you
it’s so lonely being stranded with a dream you can’t let go

if you could put the one who loves you
maybe you’ll want me now
if you could just see how
i know you long for her
but i hurt for you

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