i don’t want to lose your love lyrics – glenn medeiros

when we started out there were so many plans
we held each other in the palm of our hands
i tried everything just to turn all my dreams around for you
the first time you told me that your heart was drifting
i couldn’t quite comprehend
you told me that you needed some time alone
that you were almost at the end


but i don’t want to love your love
now that i’ve found you
i built my world around you
i can’t understand it
i tried to give you every part of me
i don’t want to lose your love
it’s all that i believe in
i would give anything
if you would give it just a little
give it just a little more time

distraction carried you away
i never thought i’d see the day
when i would just stand
and watch you take a piece of my life away
didn’t i deserve some forewarning
after all that we’ve been through
you told me that you’ve got your mind made up
and there is nothing that i can do


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