i don’t want to be me lyrics – jethro tull

got a grand house out in the country.
marble pillars holding the door.
empty bottles lining the wall from the night before.
got a roller out in the garage.
but the wheels are stuck to the floor.
got no reason to go anywhere–no friends call anymore.
i don’t want to be me, i don’t want to be me,
i know it’s hard to see, but i don’t want to be me.

had me playing down at the palace.
i was declared the belle of the ball.
made the boys take my goods and chattels away–
now i’m staring at an empty hall.
i don’t want to be me.

pardon me–i’m on my way.
pardon me but i’m going.
taking on the simple life and i feel the gr*ss roots growing.
i’m going to ride the ragged road–
diamond spurs jangling into the sunset.
no circuits running overload–well maybe i’m not done yet.

now there’s nothing left in the cupboard
and three bears’ been eating my soup.
my life is one big critical mess if you take a look.
and the butler’s off in ibiza on expense account gone berserk.
but i can’t check out of this crazy world
without being a jerk–i don’t want to be me.

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