i don’t like (trigga mix) lyrics – trey songz

these hoes be actin up
these n*gg*s tryna hold me back
these dollars keep stackin up
and he keep b*tches where he be at
i’m throwing singles, f*ckin double yah make it triple
she looking lost she looking hurt we bustin like two
i’m so the sh*t i was thinking i should make some
if that’s yo b*tch when i’m done n*gg* just take her
with you

f*ck n*gg*s and they own motors
fall back and get no closer
20 bottles comming to my table right now and them hoes
doin what they all pose to
don’t stop pop that, pop that p*ssy like an automatic
my section jumpin like we got that b*tch up on a
her *ss stretchin out dem jeans ahhh so elastic
i’m dope boy fresh like a n*gg* just came out da

f*ck it doe, big bills buffalo
n*gg*s think dey f*ckin raw but they all rubber though
soft n*gg*s suck a ho
i lost n*gg*s wea u go
cause trigga one more liquor
shot goes out to the poor n*gg*s
and it ain’t no diss man i’m on my sh*t member when i
use to get like four figures
i’m so absorbed to what you adore
real n*gg*s see through my pores
bad b*tch when i’m in that porche
call 9 1 1 cause the crime been done
seen a big d*ck and she climbed on one
n*gg*s throw shades and i shine on them
beast and i rhyme part time on them
pour champagne and wine on them
girls wanna have a good time on him
brain lose yo mind on him

she suck d*ck good and she don’t bite
she like the p*ssy ate, but she don’t dike
she said she left her n*gg* home and he don’t pipe
now this n*gg* on my phone like he wanna fight!? right!

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