i don’t know anything lyrics – i am war

so what have i learned? after all this time just more
like who am i?

after all these years, can i connect the lines.
make some sense of this picture.
we all fake it sometimes, we all fake it sometimes.

i don’t have many answers, don’t know the meaning of
just trying to make my way, just trying to see some sky.

i don’t know it all, but i would die to try.
i don’t know it all, i just want a beautiful life.
i don’t want a beautiful lie.

run away. with your ideas, of what i need. to say.
in your world, i can’t *ssimilate.
it doesn’t matter, in the smallest way to me.
what you think i should be.

lost and found. this life never ever lets me down.
no time to weep as it, sweeps me off my feet.
never safe, never weak. steadfast.

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