i defy lyrics – dimension x

pushed around and force feed a way of life i’m not living
i don’t need to abide by your way, sit around and tolerate what you say or standards you’ve set
closed minds bind the ties of good minds, (and) good f*cking times
its open hearts, and unclear minds that bring us to unite
well i can look around and tell you exactly what i see
blood and sweat with friendship and heart, the most important things to me
and i know this by the smiles on their face, the hearts that are looking for a better f*cking place
in a world where money measures success and our government isn’t second guessed
when truth is denied and kept from our eyes
its friendship, perseverance, optimism that keeps us alive!
i made a promise, i plan to keep intact
my life, my way, every single day
guidelines for integrity and who the f*ck, are you to say i have to fit a certain way
being the person you want to be is the only satisfying way to live your life
so don’t give up, don’t look back

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