i choose you lyrics – nlt

yeah yeah, oh
oh girl
yeah yeah, oh

your face, your hair, your att*tude
your eyes, your smile, your body too
these are are some of the things
that i like
and there’s a couple i can’t describe
(oh girl)
you the type that don’t bring the drama
you the type i take to meet the mama (girl)
and i know that she gon’ like you too

baby that’s why i choose you
you’re not that everyday girl
but still around the way girl
baby that’s why i choose you
cause you know what i’m thinkin’
before i even speak it
just so they don’t get it confused
it’s you
and everything i do
it’s for you (oh)
i’m convinced baby you’re the one for me
girl i know for sure
baby that’s why i choose you

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