i can hear music lyrics – beach boys

ahhh, ooooh

this is the way
i always dreamed it would be
the way that it is, oh, oh
when you are holding me

i never had a love of my own
maybe that’s why
when we’re all alone

i can hear music
i can hear music
the sound of the city, baby
seems to disappear
oh, and i can hear music
sweet, sweet music
whenever you touch me, baby
whenever you’re near

loving you
it keeps me satisfied
and i can’t explain, oh, no
the way i’m feeling inside

you look at me
we kiss and then
i close my eyes and
here it comes again

[repeat chorus]

i hear the music
all the time, yeah
i hear the music
hold me tight now, baby
i hear the music all the time
i hear the music
i hear the music, aahh

[repeat chorus]

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