i am sorry lyrics – justin hayward

yeah, you’re right
i have been told some things about you
and yeah you’re right
i don’t think i’d like to be near you
you know how people can pretty much make a little resume
but i don’t *ssume that they’re wrong
as i said i don’t wanna be with you
as i said we don’t match

yes i know
the world can be mean sometimes
and i am really here tonight
so i can try to explain it politely to you
i don’t *ssume that i could understand you
and i don’t think that i could ever help you
o know that i can’t stay around you
i only know that i don’t match you

and if that is good for any excuse
and you’d like to be my friend somehow
maybe we could go out
have a couple of coffees
and talk about
the world
talk about love
talk about art
and talk about what people think
we could that for years

i’m sorry
i’m really sorry
but i don’t think we could go any further from this

and talk all this about
i’m sorry
i’m really sorry
i’m sorry
i couldn’t help you
couldn’t help you
couldn’t help me
see you later
see you later
i hope you’ll be fine
i hope you’ll be fine
have a good life
see ya

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