hypocrisy lyrics – hyperborea

a world of countless twins,
same identical faces
lonely i stay there
like white piece of hair

waiting the cutting

an ocean of agony
why do you choose the death-
what are you to gain?

with dreams you heal your conscience
a symbol of death you’ve turned yourself

fly in a flock of black b*tterflies
black insect floating above rotten flowers

madness-a sign of fulfillment;
the primary stage into the food chain
to take a life when you’re secure
i am a mirror-the truth may hurt
madness-a sign of fulfillment
i am a mirror-the truth may hurt

hypocrisy – ocean of pain
hypocrisy – sp*ce of reality
who’s to look and to confess?
who’s to believe in my words?

trapped by abundant lies
who’s to believe me?
everyone’s a blackguard

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