humor me lyrics – dean friedman

by dean friedman

humor me. humor me.
don’t take what i say too seriously.
it’s not that i am insincere. i really do mean everything i say.
it’s just that every time you’re near i get carried away.

humor me. humor me.
anytime i get a little silly, please try not to be dismayed. you know it’s really not my fault.
just take everything i say with a grain of salt.

you see, underneath this cynical exterior, there’s a child in me waiting for the chance
to prove that all my logic is inferior to romance.

humor me. humor me.
don’t be frightened by the things you see. sure i know infatuation’s all it is,
just a stage i’m going through.
so don’t be overcome by your defenses,
and you can make believe you love me too.
and i’ll humor you.

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