humiliate me lyrics – fatima mansions

(if ever you’re going hungry, there’s always the graveyard…)

be nice or strangle me, i don’t care
good times are not what’s lured me here
bad clothes and sting-in-the-eye perfume
i try to stand and confess to i-don’t-know-who
& the criminal insane
look so gentle when they’re being entertained
gunsmiths and prison warders
a gallery of brain disorders
p*rn stars handcuffed to their fathers
come on: humiliate me

“…and i’ll come s*x with you if you pay,”
i tell a stranger who silently turns away
i strip naked and i head for the open door
the man in the tux holds it open
he’s seen it all, he’s seen it all, he’s seen it all before
say, i am now dressed befitting my coming death
come on, don’t be so useless
don’t i stir any juices
as i dance the dance of the seven nooses?
lovely! humiliate me!

some people dress for success
they press the flesh under savage duress
me, i stay quiet ’til the time is right
then stand clear if you don’t want a terrible night
i’m not so much about stopping the rot
i just want to see the little guy on top–
i’ll pay to see the little guy on top!
[gonna get on top me boy!]
[lovin’ it lovin’ it lovin’ it lovin’ it lovin’ it lovin’ it lovin’ it aaaahhh!]

if you run your country like a private prison
expect the world’s derision
why, they wouldn’t baptize you with a snail’s emission
so come on, humiliate me…

(there are ropes in the closet if you want!)

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