huge hammers lyrics – safety fire

blank page
a self imposed curse
scrawling thoughts
to write for what?
crow lands searching in the dirt with the stare
its black eyes something writhing
reared neck and horrible laugh
stones turn veering into vision
what doesn’t blink can’t dream
it wants my eyes to see.
black beak weapon to pierce
delirium scribbles thoughts onto page
something’s writhing. writhe!


wings spread
a plague, doctor
it stabs towards my view
it wants my eyes to see this
hands alone
fail to counter-attack
my pen this make shift daggar
thrust under the wing, blood drips onto my page
randon splatters onto white
falling back

reared back soaked in red

black bird stumbling through air

piece of flesh in my eye
what’s not mine doesn’t hurt
with clenched eyes i pull
bit by bit it falls…

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