horrible fanfare landslide exoskeleton lyrics – beck

the horrible fanfare

ashes of ancients
the nations repainted
the chain gang chatelaine
changing the station
the theme song playing
the anthem of normal
the horrible fanfare
the h*rns get distorted
on a public annoucement
the towns are impounded
where the order resounded
cowards towered around it
powerline buzzards
surveilling the night
talons in flight
the fake horizons ignite

b*n*lity lives
where hysteria kills
civilian jungles
with malaria pills
animals bleed
to buy a star from the night
avenue kids
wear a scar like a stripe
send up a signal
to the heavenly rescue
when the poison’s coming
from the person you’re next to
let the voltage of thought
pull the plug from the wound
’cause if the soul is a sympton
the condition is you



we know it’s a letter bomb hand-me-down
this thought is a perjury blindfold
when she crawls from the himalayan rain
where the birds of prey and weapons on fire
she’s ridin’ a landslide down to me
cuttin’ the shackles off of me
shakin’ the dead birds from the trees
she’s takin’ the only air i breathe

iron lungs and a plate gl*ss sermon
don’t call it death on the installment plan
she’s pulling the armour on my back
waving the coals over the tracks
taking the knife out from the stack
she’s bringing the blood that i have back

she’s coming to see it’s all a sin
coming to see the sun again
coming to wash it off again
coming to see herself again
coming to see herself again
coming to wash it off again


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