horrenda nox lyrics – enshadowed

i walked hopeless into the paths of light face the
into a silent night.
their beliefs made them blind on searching
for the eternal life.
forgotten by hypothetical god.
consumed by their own religion.
these fools were dominated.
still the night calls the rotten

weakness is their lite, good is their seal
they l*st for power to remove the suffering
their lack of wisdom, they want the unreal
this fateful day brought them pain & misery

this frozen night i stare at the ashes
a once proud and glorius race
that shined through the ages
now became a reflection of idiocy

the shadows that exist now are whispering
they whisper the word “salvation”
a false dream that became a nightmare
yes, they know that this night is endless

“eos tumulus, a caedere”
a cold mist has covered their mistakes
as if the destruction was not foreseen.
christianity and their teachings of purity
the cause that this moonlight’s freezing

“in mortuus caelum, aeternus fulgetrum”

the glare of mankind has faded away
the sh*r*s can no more strike the cliffs
the mountains are utterly ravaged
the wolves may never howl again…….

this is the empire of god our

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