hordes of empire lyrics – graveland

thousand of fallen angels
rows of cond*mned souls
black riders of abyss
beast of haired and cruelty
we arrive on the chariots of fire
we sign our way by the fire and death
sun of darkness leads us
everlasting l*st of sin

hands ot the dead beat the kettle-drums
d*mned sound of black trumpets
tramp of horrified horses
and sinister knocking of devil’s hooves

red, fiery eyes
fangs, claws and fire from the mouth
mayhemed wings, bleeding in fight
cobweb in hair and wind…

we kill, crush, burn
we trace the escaping day
and hideous condemned sun
at everlasting war
between light and darkness

creators of night-gods of darkness
they buried us alive
they killed our feelings
now we are the same

we come with nocturnal wind
and red, bl**dy fog

black banners with effigy of him
red flags-hues of h*ll
hordes of cruelty and chaos
emperor of unlife’s forces

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