honest to god lyrics – dead & divine

we are but sinners, swimming in the stomach of the shark.
but i’m making it out, and i’m making my way to his heart.
but a lot like the world, this beast is heartless. and a lot like the shark, i’m hungry for your kiss.
and i’ve been set in stone from the day i was born.
i’m but a thief, stealing the teeth of wolves while.
they sleep. i’m charismatic in the way i captivate!
i cannot believe i made it here, i deserve the worst
come on, get your *sses of the floor.
and prepare to witness something like you’ve never seen before.
it’s enchanted, it’s romantic, it’s everything you’ve ever imagined.
just for a second let’s pretend that i give a d*mn.
i lost my dignity to a lousy girl. and i abandoned my comp*ssion at sea!
lord i can’t deny my appet*te… come on.
i’ve been cast out of heaven, and i’ve been spit outta h*ll. i’m a walking desperado…
and i am empty as the ‘o’ in god.

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