homicide at the fountain of youth lyrics – desa

there’s blood caked on the shoebox.
letters inside spell out words that start with a 13 year old heart
that a string of mishaps ripped apart.
there’s blood on crossed out mix tapes.
old songs whose meanings are crashing on the floor.
swallowing sp*ce like never before.
this is like an after school special that skips like cat-scratched vinyl
just as the dilemma threatens to die.
these years have frozen it alive.
there’s blood stashed in my folks’ garage.
the letters folded like stars are sacred doc*ments.
tributes to lost innocence.
there’s blood on the backs of pictures whose mouths have been glued shut.
whose eyes have lost their shine.
i dedicate this tear to the hands of time.
our kisses slip through your fingers.
chalk outlines of lead singers.
even as i flee from the scene of the crime, these years have frozen it alive.

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