holy trials lyrics – evil dead

tied to a stake, purity through fire
a blessing from the church,
admit to sin, alchemist to the cross
they hang above your head,
accused of witchcraft, for making metal
it’s time to burn,
h*ll on earth, a second birth
an age of pain.
lapsing into time, gazing on an age,
of confusion with no solutions,
call on the inquisitor for confessions of a witch,
a reign of horror with no tomorrow,
informers twisting lies to inherit the estate,
evil vices for a gain,
bring on the torturer and his tools of the trade,
the thumbscrew speaks the truth.
casting spells – unknown chants
with possessed burning eyes,
demonic action – witches brew
accuser feeding lies,
on the stake to burn alive see the crowed reject your kind,
down below no repentance, excommunication is your prize.
lead: gonzales
run down, laying low, aching muscles, tension full,
praying for death!
broken bones, ripping flesh, you’ve become a bl**dy mess,
when will it end?
going slow, feeling pain, wondering “why me?”
a living nightmare!
frustration, denomination,
it’s time to meet your maker.
unholy! holy trials … the churches evil plot, perverted, demented sacred
unholy! holy trials … cathedrals rule on fear, the weak unwillingly give
12 string: garcia
solo: gonzales
martyr with no cause, submission to your fate,
the magic and the spells; nothing there to gain,
the knowledge you obtained, eternal torment claimed insane!
solo: garcia
for sorcery and witchcraft now you pay in vain,
your mortal body pressing death,
judgement made, but who’s insane?
desecration in the bishop’s den
tag solo: garcia

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