holy desecration lyrics – melancholy pessimism

inside the church is the smell of ages,
incense smoke and deviation
old pictures, silent whispers,
submission and deviation.

the name of christian religion
is blemished again.
one of the ten commandments
has been dishonoured.

holy desecration
sacred deviation

it seems now that christian members
live quietly a wild life.
the sacred bible and commandments
are only for the church mice.

a priest to a second priest sucks his d*ck,
a preacher to a pastor kiss his *ss.
so where is the selibacy?
where is godly humility?
parsons abuse our young boys,
nasty actions in sacred places.

what is the idea
and face of christianity?
profane love is the love between
man and woman
compared to the love between
god and humanity.

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