hit the stage lyrics – drivin rain

well, i’m rollin down the highway, looking in a bad way.
a lack of sleep and self medication.
chewed my nails to the bone, wearin’ everything i own.
and i’m about to snap without hesitation.
another night, another place, wipe the worry from my face,
we made it on time once again.
but threw a big fit cause the sound check went like sh*t.
ten minutes before the show to begin.

(chs)want it when i need it, cause i gotta have it all,
when i hit the stage.
you’d better get outta my way.
cause i’m a bad reputation welding b*st*rd all across the nation.
when i hit the stage.
you’d better clear outta my way.
cause i’m looking for a reason to release some held in frustration.

well, i’m going threw the motions, crossed another ocean, my wallets in a bag in road island.
north, south, east, west, could say whice partys best.
my heart beats so fast i can’t time it.
another stage, another town, another trick goes down.
i gotta backstage p*ss for some *ss.
but there’s a bangin on the door, i gotta go it’s after four.
i’m late i gotta get dressed fast.

gettin paid, gettin laid, my office is a stage
a time cards not my reality, 9 to 5 is no way!
when i hit the stage (4x)

when i hit the stage (4x)

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