history lyrics – inhumate

a human blood written book
page of centuries torn skin
future with death and madness
can even god read those lines?

past… present… future
oval… oval account (x2)

endless lack of knowledge
for our rational weak minds
desire to break the circle
need to read the bl**dy lines

if god wrote the first word
why can’t he put the last point?
trapped in the oval account
he bends to his creation, as us!

history… oval account!
l’histoire… récit ovale! (x2)

past… time of all taboos
eyes bleed watching behind
present… time of all tortures
feel the suffer to live

future… time of all pleasures
ouvre… ouvre les yeux et souffre! (x2) *

we are the witnesses
witnesses of a single word
word that might, might be: h*ll!
if he can’t put the last point…

[*: open… open the eyes and suffer!]

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