hideous reproduction lyrics – dead youth

lyrics: john, dave…92 music: john…92

hideous reproduction
i need to serve my function
hormornal explosion is present
*j*c*l*tion is imminent

ancient s*xual instinct
clouding my head-i can’t think!
rabid cunts – bleed! i need to f*ckin breed!

external forces take control
guiding my p*n*s into a new hole
i never felt this way before
libido craving something more…

h*m*sapien pleasures don’t satisfy me
i want to f*ck an animal bestiality – yeah!

a sabbat goat, unholy bride
into her c*nt my p*n*s slides…
rectal tease, i finger for fun
together we scream-as i c*m!

in pain my bastered sp*wn is born
a human beast with hooves ans h*rns
a picture of satan’s son
at last my master’s work is done-

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