hidden acoustic track lyrics – inspection 12

well i began to doubt i’d find
a soul with whom to share my mind
a human being sincere and true
but i found that someone and it turned out to be you

i owe a debt of grat*tude
to you i see that i was too
impatient in the waiting line
you showed at the perfect place and at the perfect time!

you proved me wrong and caught me by surprise
you brought me to my senses and opened up my eyes
you really seem to care for my vitality
and that makes a difference to me
yeah that makes a difference to me

i can’t deny it
or nullify it
i won’t discard it
or disregard it

so i began to think of you
as someone who could pull me through
who’d hold my hand, who’d hold my heart
you can’t let go of one or else to other falls apart!

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