hey doctor lyrics – witchcraft

hey doctor, tell me
oh how can it be
our screams are so real
do you live in harmony
you can’t heal this council
radiation will kill
oh your coat of flames
behind the wall of sleep

impostor without knowing
your beliefs have been defiled
the flesh on them bones
they’ve been scorched and burned
hey downward spiral
for your heresy implied
i am pushing for your back
your logic is reversed

const*tution of murder
so legal and proud
inst*tution of sadness
well lord have them die

blood pouring down from the back of your neck
your being grainal vitalities gift
like the serpents to the venom penetrate
fight fire with fire then you will fight back


woahh integrity and dignity is worse
now pull your head out and act like a man
it seems like you never have been free
fight fire with fire oh then you fight back

all the symptoms of your illness
are beginning to fade
now tell me who’s to blame
oh burn burn burn flame

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