heresy, hypocrisy, and revenge lyrics – good riddance

look at what you’ve left for me
now that you’ve moved on
wonæ?° p*ss for therapy
just one more scar that’s never gone
you tried to break me down
time and time again
rejection feels to scream
but i can’t make a sound

itæ?¯ me you tried to hide
as i hold you in my arms
as i feel your body broken
is this just a dream?

disappointment follows me
its always just behind
self-doubt bred solitude
frustration robs me blind
no pain no part of me
i have grown numb and cold
self-centered fantasy
obsessed with self control

this is your worst f*cking nightmare
one chance a clean break
much more than i can take
lies cast shadows dark things n*body knows
youæ?³e lost who’s won?
my revenge has just begun
i’ve just begun
and i’m coming home

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