helm of blindness lyrics – iluminato

my soul is blind
and i was deceived by the time
how could i lose the control of my life to my own

your spirit is trapped
by your own addictive thoughts
rescue him from this mental h*ll
pulling out the life from its real source

those foolish thoughts blind my eyes
now i can see the holy truth
because your love consumed all that i am

don’t fool yourself
by confounding love
with a morbid dependence
to truly love you must leave the mind behind
to become a being free from your sins

the sins i quote are your internal ghosts
in which you believed like a naive child
(the sins you quote are my internal ghosts
in which i believed like a naive child)

your words released me from the tricks of my mind
now i behold the true grace of life

now my spirit is free
he can fly away
then i see the world in its true form

i don’t want to take your hand
i don’t want to jail you
your freedom is what i desire

your spirit can flow through
the seas of his creation
this purest form of being
will create the world that you wanted to see

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