hello lyrics – big tymers

[man:] ladies and gentlemen, see its like
h*llo, h*llo, h*llo
[woman:] h*llo h*llo
[man:] see baby
h*llo, h*llo, h*llo
[woman:] h*llo, h*llo

[verse 1]
[man:] now i been trying to f*ck with you since 7th grade
[woman:] but i didnt want to f*ck with you, cause you wasnt paid
[man:] by the time i got to tenth grade baby i was pushing dimes
[woman:] and who would ever think you would get paid off for saying rhymes
[man:] now i f*cked you and your sister too
[woman:] my auntie and my cousin boo
[man:] but i think i should let you go
[woman:] tell me, why you dont love me no more

[conversation between man and woman. arguing]

[verse 2]
[woman:] you got a lot money now you think your sh*t dont smell
[man:] but you wouldnt accept my calls when i went to jail
[woman:] now i been waiting for you everyday
[man:] but i here messy sh*t from n*gg*s around the way
[woman:] now i kept the p*ssy on lock till u got out
[man:] but what about the freaky sh*t that you done with your mouth
[woman:] n*gg* i hate your guts, boy you aint sh*t
[man:] well i feel the same way about you stank*ss scandless b*tch

[conversation between man and woman arguing]

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