hellnation lyrics – dead kennedys

h*llnation’s when they teach us
profiting from greed
h*llnation’s what they give us
coke, heroin & speed

h*llnation’s when they tell you
you gotta go clean up your act
you’re the one who dragged me here
and now you drag me back

to this h*llnation

problem is, few care
about the people in despair
if you help no one
you’re guilty in the h*llnation

h*llnation’s when the president
asks for four more f*cking years
h*llnation’s when he gets it
by conning poor people and peers

h*llnation¡ºgot no choice
what’s the point of trying to vote?
when this country makes war
we all die in the same boat

in this h*llnation


it’s the only world we’ve got
let’s protect it while we can
it’s all there is and there ain’t no more

h*llnation¡ºasking please
for a nuclear freeze
so the unborn kids
get their chance to live and breathe

h*llnation asking aid
for the minimum wage
so the kids of tomorrow
don’t wind up slaves to their trade
in the h*llnation


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