hell & beyond lyrics – forlorn suffering

a voice from below
unrivaled blasphemy
dying from hate
life begins
anguish remains
darkness prevails
can you feel pain
flowing thru your veins
a lifetime of anguish
slipping away
what is the price of death
when h*ll remains

can you feel the pain – flowing through your veins
focus on your hate – focus on the pain
life can end here – you must decide
deep in your heartÅ¡ – where h*ll now resides
a lifetime of anguish – a lifetime of h*ll
a lifetime of suffering – a lifetime you ve felt
what was once said – is now a lie
prepare for h*ll – now it’s time to die

pain released
hatred’s feast
cutting life off
my soul deceased
hybrid disease
savaged by l*st
i m broken by pain
chaos unleashed
from heaven to h*ll
suffer in silence
suffer in h*ll

life is fading fast – thru your darkened past
a shadow of yourself – down in this h*ll
twisting a knife – thru your blackened soul
this foreboding warning – takes it s toll
smashing up your life – flowing thru your veins
destroying your past – can you take the pain
feeling the hatred – feeling no fear
your soul is dying – as you shed a tear

“whispers of a dying breed elicit pain
my soul will never be the same
as i see into my past
this hallowed life is now dying fast”

“echoes fill this void with empty pain
a life that is forever changed”

dying i live
through hades path
my soul is ripped
from my darkest being
satan calls me
my life
is now beginning
now you shall bow before me

rise above your human spirit
embrace the blackness of your soul

“whispers of a new beginning breed hate
this life that i now forsake
my pain rises from h*ll”

shatter this world
to h*ll i take your soul

“echoes of silence, echoes of pain
echoes of hate, echoes of suffering”

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