hectic lyrics – spiritual ravishment

condemned by this sick leadership that marches forth,
they sit calm because they don’t have to fight their own
we’re blinded by the glitter of their shiny smiles,
they crucify our children right before our eyes.

they seduce us with suffering,
we’re seduced by their grief…

terrorized, bloodshot eyes, i despise!

put an end to this dictatorship that
ruins our lives – bleed…
i despise…
their crooked notion of unity
bloodshot eyes…

psychotic drive to get rid of all those who oppose,
even if it means to kill ourselves to win the war!
we suffered m*ssive losses troops need to refill,
send the underaged, somehow they’ll learn to kill.

chaotic state of mind, this excedes all that you have
the situation’s not the type that you would like to fit
survival chances drop to none…for each and everyone
our minds are bent, our bodies broken and our souls left
to burn.

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