heaven lyrics – nanci griffith

i really hate the sun for shinin’ today
i fell off the track, won’t someone show me the way?
when all you want is just to have me near
and all i want is just to disappear

heaven, heaven
i don’t believe in heaven…

tried to find an answer, wish someone’d answer my call
like blue lights shine at faraway carnivals
call it faith, call it some kinda “hopeful love”
whish i could dream the dream you’re dreamin’ of

heaven, heaven
i don’t believe in heaven
oh heaven, heaven
i don’t believe in heaven
but i wish i did

“the god of my rock, in him will i trust,
he is my shield, and the h*rn of my salvation,
my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour, thou
savest me from violence, and i will call on the lord,
who is worthy to be praised,
so i shall be saved from mine enemies”

such a beatiful story, and i want to believe
when i’m nothin’ but dust, i don’t want no one to grieve
the words are old, but like a comfortable coat
you’d probably kiss the hand that slits your throat

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