he said lyrics – innocence mission

he said
i never said those words
i’m going up that mountain now
let earth go away, let cold wind blow
because i cannot save them now
and this is my regret
that’s coming down all over me
it drinks to drown in words in seas
but it only makes them rule again

[1st version chorus]: go away, go away, go away i said
go away, go away, go away i’m trying to sleep
go away, go away, go away i said
[2nd version chorus]: i wish your mountains
i wish your mountains were gone

i wish you’d go, i wish you’d go
i used to think that there were other worlds
but i’m the only one that he said
so they are only in my head again…only

i have these words that are so hard
that i am working all the day
in everything i come to say
i build a shadow of him

he is afraid again
he says he is afraid again
it’s coming down in tears of rain
and it will make them rule again
i spend my life in the worries he said
[1st version chorus]
[2nd version chorus]

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