have mercy lyrics – ace hood

lord forgive ’em, for they know not what they do
as i walk through that valley of the shadow of death
see no p*ssy

[verse 1]
so i guess we finally meet again
should i kill ’em? well, that all depends
due to success i started losing friends
n*gg* sleepin’, only reason he don’t follow trends
never was a gimmick, the realest in it, come bear witness
and i see them rappers is actors, boy, they so robin givens
i kept it humble, my stomach grumble, my rollie tickin’
they did me dirty, i may forgive ’em, but won’t forget it
and not to mention, they wasn’t worthy of what i’m spittin’
it’s god’s will, and them haters just pray they could prevent it
i’m so addicted to gettin’ it, i need intervention
the hottest spittin’, your favorite rapper scared to admit it
have mercy, let me bow my head
i count a million up, that’s deadly bread
ain’t no more humble in me, sh*t is dead
tell them p*ssy n*gg*s i ain’t never scared
poor n*gg*s hate to see a n*gg* win
say you comin’ for me? p*ssy n*gg*, when?
i been coldhearted since i lost a twin
i swear i love it when they hate, i made a hit again
i did this before my n*gg*s, then
use your b*tch whenever like a membership
never bothered over twitter beef
we’ll probably never meet up where the money be
me and kicko on the woodgrain, yeah, the money seats
five grand just to see him hit a three
balenciagas on a n*gg* feet
death to the compet*tion, may they rest in peace

i know my mama prayin’ for me – i hope your mama prayin’ too
’cause me and my n*gg*s gotta eat – we’ll die over these canned foods
have mercy on a real n*gg* – ’cause i’m sinnin’ every day, lord
have mercy on a real n*gg* – ’cause i’mma ride for my n*gg*s, dog

[verse 1]
what the f*ck these n*gg*s talkin’ ’bout?
load the choppers, bring them problems that they talkin’ ’bout
roll the reefer, no khalifa, you gon’ ride or die
no homicide, it’s suicide before i testify
that’s on my daughter, i’m runnin’ florida, no kinda, sorta
and i hear ’em talkin’, that money callin’, them out of order
yeah, n*gg* – f*ck all that talkin’, be ’bout it, then
a lot of small talk, there they go runnin’ their mouth again
bold n*gg*, ’til they meet them gorillas
f*ck a cavalry, my n*gg*s ain’t got no feelings
money is the motive, family is the reason
on my mama, ain’t n*body ever came between it
and they never will, streets got me grippin’ steel
these scared n*gg*s need to go to church or either dr. phil
i tell ’em look me in my eyes, we are not the same
lion-hearted n*gg*, gunpowder in my veins

have mercy on ’em
bow your head


[verse 3]
p*ssy n*gg*s still hatin’ hard
b*tch, i just went and bought the boulevard
b*tch, i just went and blew another check
’bout my money, catch a bullet tryna intercept
jumpin’ up out that whip, i let my chain swing
blood up on my sneakers like i g*ngb*ng
every day’s a struggle tryna maintain
and free my real n*gg*s in the chain gang
i hear them broke n*gg*s still talkin’
watch your words, do be very cautious
you threaten mine, you can pick a coffin
ain’t no talkin’, tell ’em shock it once it go to sparkin’
self-made rollie and a pair of js
hood n*gg* livin’ like i’m bruce wayne
new ferrari kickin’ like it’s liu kang
real n*gg*, ain’t it true? 2 chainz


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