hatred lyrics – hatebomb

there’s no joy and happiness
for me in this world.
there’s no happy, sunny day.
i have malice in my brain.

i cannot live no more
with this sickness in my mind.
‘cause i cannot laugh at all –
i hate everything alive…
…i hate…

the sun is shining bright – and now it c*mbers me.
deep inside my head – there is insanity
everything that’s nice and cute – it drives me mad.
“kill ’em all” – a silent whisper in my head.

now – i will die.
there’s no way – i can hide.
so much pain – in my life.
after all – it will hurt so bad.

there is no solace or forgiveness,
there is no mercy for my soul in h*ll.
h*llish torment, suffering’s eternal,
inhuman pain, i’m not very well.
there are many who are like me
together in madness surely we will dwell.
i used to kill, to torture and to rape,
that’s why in total darkness i fell.

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