harpagon lyrics – immer

repair small holes of belt is necessary
your shirt is too tight for you
accounts are cram for crack
honesty is missing unfortunately

corruption, falsehood, lie, deceits

it´s true – to be politician
think out the laws then is alternation
develop activity for spectatored eyes
wolf let be full goat let be live

harpagon be thurned pale out of envy alone
it´s very beautiful am*ssing more

take out smiles after time
fill up posters of trudt and promises
goulash and small beer are free of charge
let be accounts are more full again

who want change small holes of belt constantly
trousers hang pair of braces it´s better
unb*tton a shirt who will be want strangle
flying of cabineted helicopter to hut

corruption, falsehood, lie, deceits

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