hardcore harry lyrics – m.o.d

talk about unity,
unity and hardcore brother pride
talk about solidarity, cash in on it and take it for a
hold another benefit for some unworthy cause
sit around and remise your never kept it real, you just
kept it all.
never gave a sh*t about anyone just their cash
you were never down with the real-
you just figured it was better than smoking crack
you must walk around and laugh at all the fools you
from the start i saw your heart. i bled or the scene-
you tore it apart.
you better believe it mother f*cker
sit around and reminisce-of old school days and
hardcore shows
ignorance is truly bliss- hardcore harry fooled them

you f*ckin hard-core hypocrite,
f*ck your hard-core mini mall
keep it real? you keep it all!
hardcore harry’s fooled them all.
you are a never was and surely never been
bootleg everyone and never pay the bands
you can never try to make me comprehend
how you p*ss yourself off to be a friend
who the f*ck you kidding – not me
i ain’t buying what your selling- not me
you call me the hardcore devil- i am
but i’ve always honored my friends

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