hard time lyrics – kik tracee

(lyrics: stephen shareaux
music: rob grad, mike marquis)
over here drifting to a place in sp*ce, over here
over there, s*xual rejoice, my choice, over there
she’s looking so d*mn easy, easy
it gets me so d*mn hard, yeah, yeah
don’t you know i’m doin’ hard time livin’ with all your ways
hard time dealin’, got me in a daze
hard time waiting for your coffee to brew
hard time, hard time dealin’ with you, you, you
on the rise, ride the pelvic twist
it kicks, picture this
trojan cries, a herd of horses comes
and runs down a thigh
dealing with you
i get so hard, so hard
dealing with you, over here or there
my place in sp*ce
coincide, we’re in sp*ce

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