happy tracks lyrics – wanda jackson

i know that you’ve heard people say many many times
you don’t p*ss through this world but once you’ll get yours and i’ll get mine
but i’ve got a philosophy i believe i’d rather go by

and if you’ll just listen you may want to give it a try
leave a lotta happy tracks as you go down life’s road
leave a lotta happy tracks everywhere you go
leave a lotta happy tracks and keep this in mind

others will have to follow in the path you leave behind
as you walk the tangle streets of life notice your fellow man
and when he gets in trouble lend him a helping hand

sow good seeds in your fields of life as you go along
let others reap your happiness a long time after you’re gone
leave a lotta happy tracks…

don’t ever use a good friend for a personal game
to game wealth and lose one friend would only be in vain
let your happy tracks be many leave ’em everywhere you go

others will have to harvest each and every seed you sow
leave a lotta happy tracks

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