hammer (bonus track) lyrics – dry the river

it was a difficult decision
but every drop of water was a lake
and i guess i had a vision
of every unavoidable mistake

though i never had a white flag
i surrendered you my every vital sign
but the thing about the heart is
it beats with no instruction from the mind

you came into the kitchen and you laid me on the table like a meal
i won’t recover in a heartbeat
you could hammer a nail with the way i feel

you won’t find us in the bible
but the story’s parabolic at the core
i’m just singing this recital
in the hope that they might one day find a cure

and our bodily components
and everyone that knows them came from stars
but the thing about the mind is
it has no consideration for the heart

and maybe i’m a naysayer
and probably the best is yet to come
i will recover in a heartbeat
i’ll be born again with the morning sun!

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