h.a.a. (here’s another asshole) lyrics – black sheep

[mr. lawnge]
yo! this is a crazy shout out to that n*gg* mc hammer
we all know he went out and got a new style
so we went out and got him a new *sshole, you know what i’m saying?
cause we making examples out of b*tch n*gg*s for ’94
word up, black sheep ain’t hearing it no more

now listen hammer, i could slam ya with grammar you bama
diss you on camera, but then again godd*mn i’d be
committing a crime and also wasting my time
yo that sh*t be worse than trying to battle rhyme a pantomime
you can’t say sh*t but dance and look like a d*ck
save it for your hair cause your rhymes ain’t slick, b*tch
come on now clown, you ain’t down
if we were having s*x in a circle, you still couldn’t f*ck around
you got some sh*t on your chest, what are you, nuts?
or could it be that you’ve been eating too many chicken b*tts?
you popcorn *ss rapper, oh, exqueeze me
you admitted you couldn’t rhyme when you dropped the mc
of your name, i laughed at your fame the minute you came
and now you’re like your racehorse, dead last, you’re mad lame
but now i got you like wanda, i rock your world
and have you pulling on my nuts like a f*cking squirrel
begging me please, lawnge stop tandering
but it’s too late, godd*mn i can’t stand you man
that’s why i’m up in your *ss like a parasite
for me to battle you, that’s like you in the tyson fight
no wins, you know you have no friends
because the mic separates the boys from the mens, hammer
have arrangements made, man eject respect
i put your name down, f*ck card, i pulled your deck
like wu-tang said, you’d best protect your neck
or get wrecked, and you can bet your endors*m*nt check
so reneg n*gg*, you’d better repent
and yo you couldn’t look hard if karl kani gave you cement
instead of his clothes to rock in your videos
n*gg* you couldn’t beat your d*ck as far as beef goes
hammer, you say you’re coming from oaktown and that’s fine
so n*gg* take your *ss back like your hairline
in any battle you don’t want to get stuck with me
if i was your b*tch you still couldn’t f*ck me, b*tch

no stanley, no stanley
i don’t give a f*ck who you are or who your man be
huh, i’ll sn*tch your capital without a 357, dig
no cl*ss n*gg*, i’ll kick your *ss for two bit
what are you stupid, troopid, couldn’t be you if this was balley
n*gg*, i’ll park you quick and faster than your valet
hurt me, stanley? you’d better hope for better days
chasing my b*lls like i was the f*cking oakland a’s
n*gg* quit like your staff or feel the wrath
your punk *ss couldn’t bust a bubble in a bath
huh, i get this right, now you’s a racketeer?
but n*gg* you’ve been ??? you ain’t a mackateer
ha, ho, no flow, so n*gg* won’t you quit
shoot heroin on the toilet and still not drop dope sh*t
huh, it’s all deception, i got your number mister
you bought helicopters for the cops and tried to play my sister
*ss out, your style is about as fly as piedmont
and yo stop claiming oakland when you’re stroking ’em from friedmont
in the dictionary under “sellout” that’s where you’ll be
so roll with audi for a f*cking catastrophe
you teenie weenie wearing geanie to bikini
couldn’t see me if gazelles came in motherf*cking 3-d
this is for the hammer, you bama
i’ll bust your *ss in alabama, savanna, montana, havana
godd*mn, my often lifestyles f*ck you
i bust you keep the pistol cause no one would f*cking miss you
you suck! i don’t give a f*ck who does or writes the track
whoever cameos, it’s hammer, it’s all wack

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