greater haste lyrics – endwell

no, no more ghosts
no more living life in limbo
no more ghosts, no more ghosts

you will never know just what it’s like
to watch your life get up and walk away
with nothing you can do
this time can’t be replaced

maybe another day
maybe another life you’ll find another way

when ashes are all that
you’ll leave behind
live each day like it’s your last
and keep the pain inside

so you outlived your dreams?
all your p*ssions have died
this my friend is not the end in time
you’ll come to find

that life goes on
but life’s not long
just move along, keep moving
keep moving on, moving on

trampled by the world
time and time again
moving on, moving till i die

all your dreams have p*ssed away
and your faith in life is lost
take the pieces of your life
burn them all, move along

till i die, till i die

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