graveyard lyrics – dead moon

it’s a new game, causing pain
you know i’ve got you on my brain
it’s the kind of h*ll you’ll never know
girls like you just turn me cold
but i guess you found my weaker side
resistance, god how i tried
but i’ve got it bad i must confess
to tell the truth i’ve done my best

but you treat me like poison
even with the lights on
guess i might as well be dead
oh, i’m in the graveyard

tried whiskey to ease your hex
it made it worse, my life’s a wreck
the pills i took to numb my pain
only brought visions of you again
i’d put the noose around my neck
but the way i feel, i’d probably break
love must be an evil curse
i’ve tried to fight, it just gets worse

your love is like an endless h*ll
what you do to me you know too well
you won’t give me the time
i’m on the firing line
convicted and disposed
you look but eyes are closed

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