graves of the fathers lyrics – crystal age

s*xtons of the churchyard
have seen unblessed things;
ground no longer hallowed
has sprouted new graves.

descendants of clan
that unsurped maternity
hear whispers in their blood;
this summons of the fathers.

adherence to the principle
of “man by woman born”…
anachronistic ritual
soon to be obsolete.

“forgive me father
for i know not what i do;
my grave beckons
as irresistable as drawing breath.”

nature abhors a vacuum,
the same is true to a tomb…
it cannot be empty.
a barren womb of plenty…
a vacant grave must be filled.
for this the fathers’ will,
material birth be abjure,
a mother’s c*nt is unpure.

sired in blasphemy,
in nocturnal obeisance to rotted hearts
filled with necrolatry
reverse the life cycle be reborn through death.

“forgive me father
for i know not what i do;
i leave a void to fill one,
hear my prayers from far below.”

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