good ol’ daze lyrics – inbred

remember the good old days people had
different ways and they really were free
and they could be anything that they
wanted the government looked out for
our best interests it was real democracy
from sea to shining sea and if you believe that then…
you’re a bigger sap than they could ever be
trying to excuse ignorance as innocence & naivete
but if you look carefully,
nothing much has changed
just the ways of domination have been rearranged like…
rambo instead of john wayne
microchips for brains
commies instead of japs
different covers, same old traps…
tried to make us think we could hide under a tree from the bomb
or use a special soap to help the fallout wash right off
convince us that we need authority
they know they can convince us of anything
convince us they’re so powerful
we shouldn’t even try to fight back and we don’t…
create problems to justify
their existance in our eyes
funny how they always arrive
at solutions only they can provide
that’s how they stay where they are!
co-operate gladly… obey blindly
i guess some things never change
do they?

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