gomorrah’s season ends lyrics – earth crisis

from the core of my being comes this promise to
myself that i won’t break my honor before all. a
one-way mission through life, i won’t change my
course. there’s far too much to experience and
accomplish to waste a precious second drunk or
hazed. an effective revolutionairy through the
clarity of mind that i’ve attained. i see it all
for what it is as gommorah’s season ends in the
grave. so many have become demoralized that now a
change must be forced or all will perish in the
lunacy once it befalls. parasites gnaw at the
basis, their vulgar ways bring pointless ends.
perpetuating the degeneration. in this self is all
i need with this oath that keeps me free. to this
i am forever true. i am straight edge. i am
straight edge. i am straight edge. i am straight

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